Hammy Hamilton: flute, vocals
Seamus Creagh: fiddle, vocals
Con O'Drisceoil: accordion, vocals, piano
Pat Ahern: guitar

Straightforward traditional music performed on flute, fiddle, accordion by these well-known players in various combinations, with occasional guitar or piano accompaniment, and of songs old and new sung
unaccompanied--Hamilton, known mostly as a flute player and maker, is a terrific singer. There are some lovely tunes here, played at a generally moderate pace, but O'Drisceoil's songs, particularly his "King Lear," may well steal the show.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $26.99
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1. Hornpipes: Mick Doyle's Favourite / Dinny O'Brien's
2. Song: The Sea Apprentice
3. Polkas: Din Tarrant's / West Kerry
4. Air: Lament for Oliver Goldsmith
5. Song: The Spoons Murder
6. Jigs: An Cliabh Mona / Jimmy Doyle's Favourite
7. Song: In Praise of the City of Mullingar
8. Reels: The Cocktail / Mary McMahon's
9. Song: King Lear
10. Barndances: The Dances at Kinvara / The Hills of Tara
11. Song: Erin's Green Shore
12. Slides: Nicholas McAuliffe's / Barrack Hill
13. Song: The Plains of Drishane
14. Jigs: A Night at the Fair / The Haunted House
15. Reels: Paddy Taylor's / The Earl's Chair