Jackie Daly: accordion
Seamus Creagh: fiddle, vocals
Colm Murphy: bodhran

This classic 1977 release helped put Kerry/Cork music on the map. Daly and Creagh's mostly unacompanied duets inspired a whole generation of musicians to learn some of the polkas and slides native to the southwest of Ireland.

Rating: ****

Price: $24.99
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1. Polkas: Jim Keeffe's / The Newmarket
2. Reels: The Macroom Lasses / The Rambler in Cork
3. Air: The Enchanted Valley
4. Hornpipes: The Bird in the Bush / The Two Birds in the Bush
5. Jigs: Connie O'Connell's / Cuilinn Ui Chaoimh
6. Polkas: Bill Sullivan's / O the Britches Full of Stitches
7. Air: A Oganaigh an Chuil Chraobhaigh
8. Reels: Sweet Biddy of Ballyvourney / Quilles
9. Hornpipe: Byrne's
10. Reels: Follow Me Down / The Game of Love
11. Air: Her Mantle so Green
12. Slides: Johnny Mickey's / Padraig O'Keeffe's
13. Reels: Denis Murphy's / Cleaning the Hen House
14. Song: The Tailor Ban
15. Polkas: The Four Shoves