Breda Keville: fiddle, vocals
Claire Keville: fiddle, concertina
Liam Lewis: fiddle
Terence O'Reilly: guitar

When I first heard this album, I was immediately captivated, and yet puzzled, for there was playing a woman, pretty young of age from all indications, yet with a sound and a style which will make anyone think: this must be an 80-year old from East Galway or East Clare. The intonation, the sparse ornamentation, even the slightly edgy tone, all point to a manner of playing once common with older generations of players from that area, one that is disappearing fast as those older players fade away and as new aesthetics are being superimposed on an older tradition. That being the case, I suspect her fiddle playing will take quite a few by surprise, so I can only say: please listen with an open mind and an open heart. The contrast is even more striking when Keville's first vocal track comes along, because, while her vocal style is consistent with her instrumental style, the sound of her voice is nothing like that of an elderly woman. Rather, it is one of the purest, most beautiful voices you are likely to hear in Ireland today. And even though Keville was quite generous with the number of tracks on this CD, I can't help wishing she would have included a few more songs Although this is very much a solo CD, Keville is joined on just a few tracks by her sister Claire and by well-known Galway fiddle player Liam Lewis. A wonderful example of the "real thing." (11/2006).

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99
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1. Jigs: Palm Sunday / An Boithrin Cam
2. Reels: The West Wind / For the Sake of Old Decency
3. Air: Ros a Mhil Cois Cuain
4. Set Dance & Hornpipe: Sean O'Duibhir a' Ghleanna / Poll Ha'penny
5. Reels: The New Road / My Love is in America
6. Reels: The Ewe Reel / Paddy Fahey's / Paddy Fahey's
7. Song: The Cuckoo
8. Reels: THe Ragged Hank of Yarn / The Hairy Chested Frog
9. Reels: The Ceilier / Ed Reavy's
10. Air: Sail Og Rua
11. Reels: Paddy Fahey's / Paddy Fahey's / Paddy Fahey's
12. Song: Blackwaterside
13. Reels: Eileen Curran / The Rainy Day
14. Jigs: The Gallowglass / Kitty's Rambles
15. Reels: The Morning Mist / The Monasterevin Fancy
16. Song: Bean an Fhir Rua
17. Single Jig: Clancy's Jig
18. Fling & Single Jig: Mary Brennan's Favourite / The Fowler on the Moor
19. Reel: The Hop Down
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