Catherine McEvoy: flute
John McEvoy: fiddle
Felix Dolan: piano

The flute-fiddle duet is one of the staple instrumental partnerships in Irish traditional music, and one who be hard pressed to find a better illustration of why it works so well. One reason, of course, is that both Catherine, who recorded a superb solo album some years ago, and John are great players individually, but the fact that they are siblings who grew up playing together may also have something to do with it. The musical rapport is obvious, and the result is exciting, vibrant traditional music, and undoubtedly one of the best recordings made in recent years. In this, Felix Dolan's piano accompaniment is at its usual supporting and tasteful best. The perfectly selected repertoire shows the musicians' stylistic affinity for the music of the Roscommon-Sligo area, but also includes tunes from other counties, compositions by Paddy Fahey, Ed Reavy, Martin Mulvihill, and in particular several excellent compositions by John McEvoy himself. Outstanding!

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Reels: Dan Breen's / The Flowers of the Red Mill / The Pretty Girls of Mayo
2. Jigs: Darby the Driver / The Spotted Dog
3. Reels: Within a Mile of Dublin . Patsy Touhey's
4. Jigs: Paddy Fahy's / Henchey's Delight
5. Reels: The Collier's Reel / The Bush in Bloom
6. Reels: The Maid I Ne'er Forgot / The Jug of Punch
7.Hornpipes: The Kilmore Fancy / Felix in Paris
8. Reels: Gilbert Clancy's / The Boys of Dublin
9. Reels: Man of the House / Gan Ainm
10. Slip Jigs: Humours of Kilkenny / Hunting the Hare
11. Reels: The Highest Hill in Sligo / Mama's Pet
12. Jigs: Rambles of Kitty / Ard an Bhothair
13. Reels: The Low Road to Glinn / Ceol na gCeartan
14. Reels: John McEvoy's No. 1 & No. 2 / Kevin Henry's