Ben Lennon: fiddle
Charlie Lennon: fiddle, piano
Maurice, Sean, Donal, Eilis Lennon: fiddles
Brian Lennon: flute
Sile Lennon: vocals
Mick O'Brien: uilleann pipes
Steve Cooney: guitar
Adele O'Dwyer: cello

A lovely 1994 album featuring the talented Lennon family from Leitrim, including fiddle and piano player Charlie Lennon who is also known for his great compositions in traditional style, some of which (the tune of the title track is now universally known) are recorded here.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Reels: Humours of Ballyconnell / The Hunter's House
2. Waltz & Hornpipe: The Dance of the Honey Bees
3. Jigs: The Eavesdropper / Up Leitrim / Cherih the Ladies
4. Reel: Lord Gordon
5. Song: Ta me sinte ar do thuama
6. Jigs: Gallagher's Frolics / The Connaught Man's Rambles
7. Reels: The Windy City / The San Francisco Reel
8. Air: The Captive's Lament
9. North Leitrim Flings
10. Reels: Bonny Kate / Jenny's Chickens
11 Air: Cuaichin Ghleann Neifin
12. Reels: Mick O'Connor's / Packie Duignan's
13. Song: An Draighnean Donn
14. Reels: The Lakes of Leitrim / The Mevin Wave
15. Descriptive Piece: Proud Peacock
16. Hornpipes: Delia's Dream / Dolly's Delight
17. Reels: Jackie Coleman's / The Copperplate / Billy Bocker