Claire Keville: concertina
John Weir: fiddle
Eithne Ni Dhonaile: harp
Geraldine Cotter: piano

A trio of young musicians with diverse regional ties, Claire Keville (Galway), John Weir (Tyrone), and John's wife Eithne Ni Dhonaile (Clare), with occasional support from Geraldine Cotter, have recorded a lovely new album which, while remaining thoroughly traditional, explore a wide musical landscape. They effortlessly match older traditional tunes with newer ones composed by the likes of Paddy Fahey, Imelda Roland, Ed Reavy, Martin Rochford, Bobby Casey, and more. Keville and Weir appear to be particularly well matched as well, as their playing blends seemlessly and rolls along gently, infusing the music with plenty of lift, but without ever rushing it--some might refer to it as the "Clare tempo." Yet another wonderful pairing of concertina and fiddle among quite a few we've been able to enjoy lately (10/2004).

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99
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1. Jigs: Tubber Fair / The Traditional Jig
2. Reels: Imelda Rolan's / Master Crowley's / Man of the House
3. Hornpipes: Reavy's / Tom Delight
4. Reels: Templehouse / Mamma's Pet
5. Reels: Paddy Fahey's / Mary O'Neill's Fancy / Rochford's
6. Jigs: The Colliers / Andy Hehir's / Carty's Favourite
7. Reels: The Day We Paid the Rent / Kitty Losty's
8. Jigs: The Tenpenny Bit / Bobby Casey's / Greenfields of Woodford
9. Reels: Leddy from Cavan / Paddy Fahey's
10. Reels: Highest Hill / Maud Millar
11. Air & Jig: An Buachaill Caol Dubh / Gan Ainm
12. Reels: Paddy Kelly's / Boys of Ballisodare
13. Reels: Pigeon on the Gate / Killavil Reel / The Jolly Tinker
14. Reels: Duke of Leinster / Duke of Leinster's Wife
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