Malachy Bourke: fiddle, viola
Brian Bourke: bodhran

On the back cover of the CD, Bourke gets a most flattering endorsement from his former teacher Frankie Gavin, who does not hesitate to call him "one of, if not the finest soloist performing Irish traditional music on fiddle today"--does this mean Gavin is no longer playing? Bourke is indeed a fine player, and the fact that he performs at a very steady pace and with virtually no accompaniment (there is some bodhran, at times a bit too trebly, on some of the tracks) gives the listener a perfect opportunity to savor his intricate ornamentations, bow work and variations. Many of the tunes are well-known, exceptions including two acrobatic hornpipes once recorded by James Morrison, and one hornpipe composed by Frankie Gavin. According to the notes, Bourke plays a fiddle which once belonged to the great Paddy Killoran, and performs a set of reels beginning with "The Silver Spire" as a tribute to the master. Bourke also uses a viola on one medley of reels, "Julia Delaney's & Spike Island Lassies."

Rating: ****

Price: $18.99                      Recommended
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1. Jigs: Strike the Gay Harp / Dusty Window Sills
2. Reels: Musical Priest / The Old Pinch of Snuff
3. Hornpipes: Thomond Bridge / The Flowers of Spring
4. Reels: Silver Spire / Wheels of the World
5. Reels: Coalminer / Star of Munster
6. Jigs: Jerry's Beaver Hat / Scotsman Over the Border
7. Hornpipes: The Old Harvest Home / Flaherty's
8. Jigs: The Coach Road to Sligo / Fraher's Jig / Tripping Up the Stairs
9. Reels: Julia Delaney's / Spike Island Lassies
10. Jigs: Tell Her I Am / Derrane's Jig
11. Hornpipes: Gene Kelly's / Josie Begley's Fancy
12. Reels: Dr. Gilbert / Queen of the Fair
13. Jig: Harry Oh