John Wynne: flute, whistles
Terry Crehan, Tom Morrow: fiddles
Liz Wynne, Orla McAtavie: flutes
Paul Doyle: guitar, bouzouki, keyboards
Noel Ryan: guitar
Brian McGrath: piano
Seamus O'Kane: bodhran, bones
Al Cowan: Djembe

From Roscommon town, flute and whistle player John Wynne has recorded before as one of the mysterious members of Na Connerys, and more recently with the group Providence. Wynne's playing has the lovely flow that one associates with the flute tradition of that region--not surprisingly reminiscent of the playing of another great Roscommon player, Matt Molloy. Wynne is very well accompanied on guitar, bouzouki, piano, and bodhran, and is joined on a few tracks by some notable guests, among them Terry Crehan and Dervish's Tom Morrow.

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99
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1. Reels: Garret Barry's / The Eel in the Sink / Tom Sullivan's
2. Single Jigs: Captain White's / Ellis' Jig / This is My Love, Do You Like Her?
3. Song & Hornpipe: George Brabazon / Jim Coleman's
4. Reels: Darby's Farewell / Fr. O'Grady's Trip to Bocca / The Lansdowne Lassies
5. Polkas: The Kerry Cow / John Walsh's No. 1 / Sean Hennigan's
6. Air & Highland: Meilti Cheann Dubhrann / John Doherty's
7. Waltz & Jig: Gan Ainm / Up and About in the Morning
8. Reels: Martin Wynne's No. 1, 2, & 3
9. Jigs: Robbie's Choice / McIntyre's Fancy / Gan Ainm
10. Reels: Pachelbel's Frolics / Paddy Fahy's Reel
11. Jigs & Reel: The Coolinerne / The Lisagun / The Dark-Haired Lass
12. Reels: The Ballinafad Fancy / Lady Anne Montgomery / The Millhouse