John Vesey: fiddle
Eddie Cahill: flute
Martin Wynne: fiddle
Tom Standeven: piano

This is a treasure of a 2-CD set, compiled from private recordings of the great Ballincurry fiddle player who lived in Philadelphia and made an LP for Shanachie in the 1970s. The sound quality is surprisingly good, and the music is terrific. Other musicians playing with Vesey on some of the tracks include Co. Sligo flute player Eddie Cahill (also featured on a 1970s Shanachie LP) and fiddler Martin Wynne. A few tracks are from a live radio show and the introductions are a lot of fun to listen to. The record was produced by Tom Standeven, a well-known figure in American piping, who made most of the recordings between 1954 and 1975, and who accompanies Vesey on piano on many of them.

Rating: ****

Price: 2-CD  $19.99                   Recommended
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CD 1
1. Reels: Bonnie Kate / Killoran's Reel
2. Jigs: Scotsman Over the Border / The Tenpenny Bit
3. Reels: McFadden's / Music in the Glen
4. Reels: The Morning Dew / The Lady of the House
5. Reels: Apples in Winter / The Ashplant
6. Reels: The Sligo Reel / The London Lasses
7. Hornpipes: The Harvest Home / The Derry Hornpipe
8. Reels: The Maid of Mt Kisco / An Sgeach
9. Set Dance: The King of the Fairies
10. Jigs: The Gold Ring / Tobin's Favorite
11. Reels: Apples in Winter / The Templehouse
12. Hornpipes: O'Beirne's / Tommy Hill's
13. Reels: The Pigeon on the Gate / Miss Monaghan
14. Reels: Roaring Mary / The Gatehouse Maid
15. Reels: Finley's Fancy / The London Lassies
16. Jigs: The Miller of Glenmire / The Joy of my Life
17. Reels: The Mountaintop / Tom Ward's Downfall
18. Reel: The Copperplate
19. Reels: An Sgeach (The Bush) / The Fermoy Lasses
20. Reel: Lord Gordon's Reel
21. Slip Jig: The Kid on the Mountain

CD 2
1. Reels: Bunker Hill / Rakish Paddy / The Wheels of the World
2. Reels: The Earl's Chair / The Swallow's Tail
3. Reels: Dinny O'Brien's / Farewell to Connacht
4. Reels: The Humors of Lissadell / Sweeney's Dream
5. Reels: Doctor Gilbert / The Queen of May
6. Reels: The Jolly Tinker / The Pretty Girls of Mayo
7. Jig: The Geese in the Bog
8. Reel: Jennie's Welcome to Charlie
9. Reels: The Concert Reel / The Windy Gap
10. Reels: The Lads of Leith / Martin Wynne's Reel
11. Reels: The Clare Reel / The London Lasses
12. Reels: The Maid of Mt Kisco / An Sgeach (The Bush)
13. Reel: The Dash to Portobello
14. Reels: The Lasses of Carracastle
15. Jigs: Old Man Dillon (The Mug of Brown Ale) / The Butcher's March
16. Reels: The Tailor's Thimble / the Redhaired Lass
17. Set Dance" St. Patrick's Day in the Morning
18. March: O'Sullivan Mor
19. Hornpipe: THe Ballyoran
20. Reels: Tom Ward's Downfall / The Boys of Ballisodare
21. Reels: Down the Broom / The Gatehouse Maid
22. Slow Air: An Rabh Tu ag an gCarraig? (Were You at the Rock?)
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