Brendan Begley: melodeon
Tommy McCarthy: concertina
Eamon McGivney: fiddle
Michael Tubridy: flute
Johnny O'Leary: accordion
Denis McMahon: fiddle
Timmy O'Connor: accordion
Paudy Scully: flute

Produced by Larry Lynch, who authored the excellent book "Set Dances of Ireland - Tradition and Evolution," this CD presents the music for four sets, the West Kerry Polka Set, recorded by Brendan Begley (melodeon) in 1996; the Caledonian Set (Clare), recorded in 1994 by Michael Tubridy (flute), Tommy McCarthy (concertina), and Eamonn McGivney (fiddle); the Square Jig (Kerry), recorded in 1997 by Johnny O'Leary (accordion); and the South Kerry Polka Set, recorded in 1996 by Denis McMahon (fiddle), Paudy Scully (flute), and Timmy O'Connor (accordion). Although this collection will undoubtedly be of interest to dancers, this is much more than just a CD to dance to. The music, 24 tracks in all, and very much in the "pure drop" category, is strong and enjoyable in itself.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $24.99
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The Polka Set:
1 Polkas: Tom Mhic's #1 and # 2
2. Polkas: We Won't Go Home 'til Morning / Neili
3. Slides: Sean Dean Neil / Jazzing with Mag Leary / Maidhc Dainin O'Se
4. Polkas: Dalaigh's # 1 and # 2
5. Slides: Port an Bhand / Sean Coughlin's # 1 and # 2
6. Hornpipes: The Green Castle Hornpipe
The Caledonian Set:
7. Reels: Collier's / London Lasses
8. Reels: Blackberry Blossom / The Five Mile Chase
9. Reels: The Boyne Hunt / Tom Ward's Downfall / The Congress
10. Jigs: The Clare Jig / The Trip to Athlone / The Leg of the Duck
11. Reels: The Star of Munster / Down the Broom / The Green Fields of America
12. Hornpipes: Dunphy's Hornpipe / The Liverpool Hornpipe
The Square Jig:
13. Jigs: Old Man Dillon / Rose in the Heather
14. Jigs: Bill the Weaver's # 1 and # 2
15. Jigs: Brannigan's / Padraig O'Keefe's / Flanagan's
16. Slides: Off She Goes
17. Reels: St. Anne's Reel / Mulvihill's
18. Hornpipes: The Liverpool / Tom Billy's Hornpipe
The Polka Set:
19. Polkas: Mickey Duggan
20. Jigs: The Priest's Leap / My Darling Asleep
21. Polkas: The Rakes of Mallow
22. Jigs: The Lark in the Morning
23. Slides: Abhanblath
24. Polkas: Joan Crowley's / Buy Me a Banana / The Girl I Left Behind Me
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