A comprehensive and varied introduction to Irish traditional music in the early part of the 20th century through the 78 recordings of past masters like Michael Coleman, James Morrison, Paddy Killoran, Denis Murphy, Paddy Sweeney and Neil O'Boyle (fiddle), Leo Rowsome, Liam Walsh and Tommy Reck (uilleann pipes), John McKenna, Eddie Meehan and Tom Morrison (flute), P.J. Conlon (melodeon), William Mullaly (concertina), the famous Ballinakill Ceili Band, singers Paddy Beades, Delia Murphy, Frank Quinn, and more.

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1. From Galway to Dublin - Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band
2. Reels: The Dawn /; Music in the Glen - Leo Rowsome
3. Song: The Wicklow Mountains High - Frank Quinn
4. Bridie Morley's Reels - Edward Meehan & John McKenna
5. Jig: The Banks of Newfoundland - Peter James Conlon
6. Reels: Rogha Chiarrai / An Coirneal Frazer ; An Bad Gaile - Denis Murphy
7. Song: The Boston Burglar - Delia Murphy
8. Reels: Dunmore Lassies / Manchester Reel / Castlebar Traveler - Tom Morrison
9. Hornpipes: The Harvest Home / The Green Mountain - Neil O'Boyle
10. Reels: Morning Dew / Travelers / Shark's Favorite - Eleanor Kane
11. Hornpipes: Sean Bhean Bhocht / The Dancer At The Fair - The Fingal Trio
12. Song: Molly Durkin - Murty Rabbett
13. Reel: The Bucks of Oranmore - Liam Walsh
14. Jigs:  The Scotchman Over the Border /The Tenpenny Bit - Paddy Killoran
15. Reels: The Scholar / The Bank of Ireland - Michael Grogan
16. Song: My Darlin' Coleen Bawn - Paddy Beades
17. Reels: Knocknagow; Fowling Piece - The Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band
18. Hornpipes: Off To California / The Liverpool - Peter Guinan
19. The Monaghan Jig - Michael Coleman
20. Song: Let Mr. Maguire Sit Down - James Mullan
21. Reels: The Green Groves of Erin; The Ivy Leaf - William J. Mullaly
22. Hornpipes: Alexander's / O'Higgin's - Tommy Reck
23. Reels: George White's Favorite / The Lass of Carracastle - Paddy Sweeney
24. Song: The Widow Malone - John Griffin
25. Reels: The Turnpike / Dublin Reel / Miss Thornton - James Morrison