Patsy Hanly, Tommy Guihen, Catherine McEvoy, John Kelly, John Carlos, Pat Finn, John Wynne, Brian Duke, John P. Carty, Frank Jordan, Patsy McNamara, Bernard Flaherty - flutes

A lovely collection of unaccompanied flute playing from Co. Roscommon. Some players, like Catherine McEvoy or John Wynne, are very well-known, and others not as much, but well worth listening to.

Rating: ****

Price: $24.99
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1. Reels: Fr. O'Grady's Trip- to Bocca / Darby's Farewell to London
2. Reels: Crehan's Kitchen / the Sand Mount / Mulvihill's
3. Jigs: Gerry's Beaver Hat / Adam & Eve
4. Reels: The Foxhunter's / The Mountain Top
5. Reels: Rolling in the Ryegrass / The Abbey Reel
6. Jigs: The Girl in the Big House (The Housekeeper) / The Killavil Jig / The Maid on the Green
7. Reels: Molly Bawn / The Kerry Reel (Green Fields of Rossbeigh)
8. Reels: Tansey's Favourite / The Hare's Paw
9. Jigs: The Buck in the Wood / Andy McGann's
10. Barndances: Bonnie Scotland / Joe Bane's
11. Reels: McDermott's / The Trip to Birmingham
12. Jigs: The Mouse in the Cupboard / Fasten the Leg in Her
13. Reels: Down the Broom / The Gatehouse Maid
14. Reels: The Rathcroghan / Trim the Velvet
15. Reels: Martin Wynne's No. 1 / Captain Kelly's
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