Time and again, I find myself coming back to live recordings of this music because the performances sound so genuine and so human. This is the case again with this marvelous collection of concert recordings, mostly instrumentals, recorded live at the Katharine Cornell Theatre on Martha's Vineyard during the 2002 season. And how could it not be, with a list of featured musicians that includes Paddy Keenan (uilleann pipes), Tommy Peoples (fiddle)--in duets on a few tracks, Liz and Yvonne Kane (fiddles), Niall and Cillian Vallely (concertina, uilleann pipes), Oisin Mac Diarmada (fiddle) and his band Teada, Liz Doherty (fiddle), and a few more--as you can see, amateurs of fiddle music are especially in luck here. If that weren't enough, this is a 2-CD set with a total of 32 tracks, at the friendly price of a regular single CD. A remarkable production, and a thrilling listening experience.

Rating: ****

Price: $16.99  2-CD
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Disc 1
1. Air: Johnny's Tune
2. Jigs: Tom Roddy's / The Old Firm Jig / The Chicken that Made the Soup
3. Song: The Holy Ground
4. Reels" Fisherman's Island / The Hunter's House / Johnny Cronin's
5. Reels: Once in a Blue Moose / Over the Moor to Maggie
6. Jigs: Le Tourment / Pacific Avenue / Betty Anne's Jig
7. Reels: The Jug of Punch / Fred Finn's / Maghera Mountain
8. Song: Satisfied Mind
9. Jigs: The Frieze Breeches / The Lark in the Morning
10. Reels: Micho Russell's / Bill Harte's / The Green Gates
11. Reels: The Monaghan Twig / The Killavil / The Boyne Hunt
12. Hornpipe & Reel: The Bee's Wing / In Memory of Michael Coleman
13. Song: The Angels Whisper
14. Air & Reel: Factory Girl / Man of the House
15. Jigs: The Cordal Jig / Winnie Hayes' Jig
16. Jig: Muireann's Jig

Disc 2
1. Air / Hornpipe: The Fairest Rose
2. Hornpipe: Rossinver Braes
3. Song: Cap and Bells
4. Reels: Mouth of the Tobique / French Canadian Reel
5. Set Dance & Hornpipe: The Ace & Deuce of Pipering / Dunphy's Hornpipe
6. Jigs: Ducks in the Oats / Jig for Jimmy / Paddy Fahey's
7. Slide & Reels: Molly from Longford / Argyll Lassies / Jenny Dang the Weaver / Mafunction Junction
8. Song: Aye Fond Kiss
9. Jig: Cherish the Ladies
10. Reels: Candles / The Morning Thrush
11. Reels: Jonny Sunshine / The Blue Lamp
12. Jigs: The Gold Ring / Dan Collins' Father's Jig
13. Air: Kusnacht
14. Song: Jack Tar
15. Reels: Reavy's / Paddy Taylor's
16. Reels: Michael Hynes' / Peter Horan's / The Flannel Jacket