Sonny Murray, Paddy Murphy, Mrs. Ella Mae O'Dwyer, Sean O'Dwyer, Solus Lillis, Tom Carey, Michael MacAogain, Gerald Haugh, Chris Droney, Pakie Russell, Bernard O'Sullivan, Tommy McMahon: concertinas

First released in 1975, this album brought together recordings by a variety of concertina players, mostly from Co. Clare, among them the famous Paddy Murphy, considered by some the finest player in Clare. As with other CDs in this series, the original LP tracks (22) are augmented with 8 tracks never before released, 3 by Chris Droney, 2 by the Russells of Doolin, and 3 by Bernanrd O'Sullivan and Tommy McMahon. A thick booklet provides much background information on the musicians and the tunes.

Rating: ****

Price: $21.99
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1. Reel: King of the Clans 
2. Set Tunes: Untitled / Behind the Bush in Parkhanna 
3. Jig: Kit O'Mahoney's 
4. Reel: The Mountain Road 
5. Reels 
6. Air: The Fairy Child 
7. Set Dance: The Ardgroom Set 
8. The Barn Dance 
9. Reels: Chancey Cheory / West Along the Road 
10. Reel: The Morning Dew 
11. Reel: Spike Island Lassies 
12 Jigs: Jennys Beaver Hat 
13. Reels: Toss the Feathers / Drowsy Maggie 
14: Reel: The Mason's Apron 
15: Flings: Sean O'Dwyers Fling / The Kerry Hornpipe 
16: Jig: Kesh Jig 
17. Jig: The Clare Jig 
18. Air from Thomas Moor 
19. Hornpipe: The Fairy Hornpipe 
20. March 
21. Set Dance: Mrs O'Dwyer's Fancy
22. Jigs: Apples in Winter 
23. Hornpipe: The Cuckoo's Hornpipe 
24. March: God Save Ireland Says the Hero 
25. Reels: Dublin Reel / Tear the Calico 
26.Jig: Maid on the Green 
27. Reel: Skylark 
28. Reels: Paddy Kelly's Reel / Finbarr Dwyer's
29. Jigs:  Battering Ram / Out on the Ocean 
30. Jigs: Eddie Kelly's (Martin Talty's Jig) / Thomas Friel's Jig
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