An wonderful collection and an important document featuring four great Donegal fiddlers from the older generation of players, Vincent Campbell, Con Cassidy, James Byrne, and Francie Byrne. A must for lovers of Donegal music.

Rating: ****

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Vincent Campbell
1. Reel: Muilleann na Maidí (Crushing the Twigs)
2. Vincent Campbell's Mazurkas
3. The Marine

Con Cassidy
4. Reel: Drowsy Maggie
5. Slip Jig: Doodely Doodely Dank
6. Jig: The Frost is all over
7. The Low Highland

Francie Byrne
8. Reel: Mary o’ the Wisp
9. Highland: King George IV
10. Bagpipe March
11. Reel: The Wild Irishman

James Byrne
12. Jig: Johnny Boyle’s Jig
13. Reel: Biddy from Muckross

Vincent Campbell
14. Reels: Jackson’s / Bean a Tí ar Lár
15. The Lancers
16. Highlands: Johnny Ward’s / Paddy Bartley’s

Con Cassidy
17. March: La Marseillaise
18. Highland: Miss Drummond of Perth
19. Reel: Rakish Paddy

Francie Byrne
20. Highland: The Cat that Kittled in Jamie’s Wig
21. The Kilcar Mazurka
22. Reel: On the Road from Glen to Carrick

James Byrne
23. Reel: The Old Wheel of Fortune
24. James Byrne’s Mazurka
25. Séamus Ó Beirn’s Highland
26. Reels: Rí Mhín na Saileach (The King of Meenasillagh) / The Curly Haired Boy
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