This impressive 2-CD set, produced by song collectors Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie in association with the famous Goilin Club, and representing a total of 47 tracks of songs and recitations, documents a singing tradition of the western Irish countryside which has all but disappeared, i.e., that of the narrative songs and ballads which were a common form of entertainment before the age of television. The 40-page booklet inserted in the DVD-style case contains a wealth of biographical information as well as the lyrics of all the songs. A remarkable document.

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $49.99
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CD 1 
1. Tom Lenihan: Hills of Clare
2. Nora Cleary: Little Ball of Yarn
3. Martin Howley: Golden Glove
4. Vincie Boyle: Patrick Sheehan
5. Martin Reidy: Peeler and the Goat
6. Ollie Conway: Banks of Sullane
7. Tom Lenihan: Constant Farmer's Son
8. Tom Lenihan: Talk about belief in story
9. Pat MacNamara: Banks of the Nile
10. Nonie Lynch: Shannon Scheme
11. Jamesie McCarthy: Kerry Cock
12. Nora Cleary: Lord Levett
13. Austin Flanagan: Green Flag of Erin
14. Nora Cleary: East Clare Election
15. Martin Reidy: Lismore Turkeys
16. Kitty Hayes: May Morning Dew
17. 'Straighty' Flanagan: Banks of Sweet Dundee
18. Martin Howley: Blow the Candle Out
19. Mikey Kelleher: Quilty Burning
20. Tom Lenihan: Croppy Boy
21. Martin Reidy: Maid of the Moorlough Shore
22. Martin Howley: North Star
23. Patrick Lynch: Battle of Billingsgate (recitation)

CD 2
1. Nora Cleary: Lilting
2. Martin Howley: Doctor Crippen
3. Austin Flanagan: O'Reilly to America
4. Martin Long: Child In the Budget
5. Vincie Boyle: Three Brave Blacksmiths
6. Tom Lenihan: Caroline of Edinburgh
7. 'Straighty' Flanagan: Sprightly Young Damsel
8. Nora Cleary: Mac and Shanahan
9. Pat MacNamara: I Left my Hand
10. Martin Howley: The Old Armchair
11. Vincie Boyle: The Half Crown
12. Martin Reidy: O'Reilly from the County Kerry
13. Mikey Kelleher: Daughter Dearest Daughter
14. Michael Flanagan: Girl from Clahandine
15. Ollie Conway: Stór Mo Croí
16. Jamesie McCarthy: The Titanic
17. Nonie Lynch: My Good Looking Man
18. Pat MacNamara: Mr Woodhurren's Courtship
19. 'Straighty' Flanagan: Erin's Lovely Home
20. Martin Howley: Donnelly
21. Tom Lenihan: Cailín Deas Cruíte Na mBó
22. Tom Lenihan: Talk about 'the blas'
23. Martin Reidy: Tangaloni
24. Kitty Hayes: Farewell To Miltown Malbay