Cillian Vallely: uilleann pipes, low whistle
Kevin Crawford: flute, low whistle, bodhran
Paul Meehan: guitar
Donal Clancy: guitar

Cillian Vallely and Kevin Crawford may not need much of an introduction. They are two thirds of the lead in the very successful band Lunasa, and they are among the best players of their generation on their respective instrument. Along with Paul Meehan, who is the current guitarist with Lunasa, and Donal Clancy, another talented guitar accompanist who performs with the group Danu, they have produced an exciting new album which, not surprisingly, will probably remind most listeners of the trademark Lunasa sound--minus fiddle and bass. The rich interplay of flute and pipes (all the richer when the two perform on C-pitched instruments), moving freely from strict unison to dinstinct harmonic and rhythmic variations, the beautiful sound of combined low whistles, the extraordinary technical precision of the lead players, the creative chord progressions behind the tunes, are all here. Even the playlist is quite Lunasa-esque, a typically imaginative, always tasteful, and expertly balanced combination of old gems, current session favorites, and a sprinkling of the "latest tunes"--including two lovely new compositions by Crawford. Common ground indeed, but hardly routine or boring, even if the technical perfection of the playing may at times make one wish for a little less control and more spontaneity--this is lovely music played at the highest level.

Rating: ****

Price: $16.99                      
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