Oisin Mac Diarmada: fiddle, piano
Damien Stenson: flute
Paul Finn: accordion
Sean McElwain: banjo, bouzouki, guitar
Tristan Rosenstock: bodhran

This past year, Teada underwent some changes in its line-up. The much-in-demand John Blake leaving the band left big shoes to fill, but, new member on flute Damien Stenson does so in impressive fashion, while Sean McElwain assumes the accompanist's duties with great confidence. Further, the band is now a quintet, with the addition of a talented Paul Finn on button accordion. This has allowed Teada to jump quite a few steps up and to become a really good sounding band--very much worth hearing live in fact. Now, if this line-up sounds familiar, that's because the same basic combination of lead instruments is found in Dervish and Danu. Indeed, the full-force Teada now sounds as lively and exciting as those other bands. They do, however, demonstrate their individuality, not only in the playing style, but especially in the clever arrangements combining different tune genres. And while the instrumental sound of the band used to revolve somewhat around Mac Diarmada's exceptional fiddle playing, the lead musicians are now not only equal participants, but they also have found that elusive and wonderful balance between individual expression and group cohesiveness. Finally, the sound quality of the recording is vastly improved over previous efforts by Mac Diarmada. All this makes for a powerful recording, and if that weren't enough, there's a bonus DVD (available in US format as well as in PAL) combining interviews of the band members with performances of some of the tracks from the CD, all very well filmed and put together. A most enjoyable production. (2006)

Rating: ****

Price: $16.99                    
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1. Reels: Lady Montgomery / Follow Me Down / Give the Girl Her Fourpence / Tie the Bonnet
2. Slip Jig & Hop Jigs: The Tenpenny Piece / Comb Your Hair and Curl It / Larry McDonagh's
3. March, Barnance & Reel: Jamesy Gannon's / McDermott's / Over the Moor to Peggy
4. Polkas: Ta Dha Ghabhairin Bhui Agam / The Shelf
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6. Jigs: Delia Keane's / The Horse's Leotard / Sean Bui / The Dawn Chorus
7. Hornpipes: The Ebb Tide / Peter Wyper's
8. Reels: Sarah's Delight / Paddy Sean Nancy's / The Ireland We Knew / The Ewe Reel
9. Planxty, Polka & Slide: Planxty Crilly / Micho Russell's / Mickey Callaghan's
10. Single Jigs: Port Aitheantais na gCaipini / Johnny So Long at the Fair
11. Reels: Bonnie Ann / John Kelly's / The Boy in the Boat