Harry Bradley: flute, piccolo
Jesse Smith: fiddle
John Carty: fiddle
John Blake: guitar, piano, flute
Seosamh O'Neachtain: dancing

Anyone who has followed the respective musical careers of these talented musicians will hardly be surprised to hear that this 2003 collaboration is simply one of the best recordings of Irish traditional music made in recent years. From Belfast, flute and whistle player Harry Bradley has already released two great solo CDs, the most recent being "As I Carelessly Did Stray." American-born Jesse Smith was the fiddle player with the highly acclaimed band Danu, and has also produced an excellent solo album called "Jigs and Reels." John Blake, whose flute album "Traditional Irish Music from London" was featured as a Celtic Grooves "CD of the Month," is one of the best and most sought after piano and guitar accompanists on the scene today. Together, these three play some mighty music, vital and energetic, technically brilliant, but most of all musically compelling and simply, devastatingly good. Those who have heard the track of barndances on Harry's solo CD on which Jesse was also present will know what to expect. And with the constant references to the music and players of the 78 era, it is as if James Morrison and John McKenna had come back from the grave, gotten back together, and cranked it up a few more notches still. The great John Carty joins in on fiddle on one track, and sean-nos dancer Seosamh O'Neachtain on another. Awesome!

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $21.99                     Recommended
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1. Reels: The Blackberry Blossom / The Ballina Lass
2. Slip Jigs: Doodley, Doodley, Dank! / James Byrne's
3. Reels: In the Tap Room / O'Donnell's Sligo Maid / The Pullet
4. Highlands: The Killarney Wonder / Music at the Gate
5. Reels: The Sailor on the Rock / The Fisherman's Lilt
6. Reels: The College Groves / Wellington's
7. Jigs: 10,000 Farewells / Sean Ryan's / Rory O'Moore
8. Reels: The Ladies of Leinster / The Flags of Dublin / Donal a' Phumpa
9. Barndance & Hornpipe: Paddy Taylor's  / The Glenconwell Hornpipe
10. Reels: The Contradiction / The Monasteryedan Fancy
11. Schottisches: The Sweet Flowers of Milltown / Gorman's
12. Reels: Maude Miller / The Queen of May / The Carracastle
13. Polkas: My Aunt Jane / No Name
14. Jigs: Mickey the Mauler / Over the Hills / Up Sligo!