Sliabh Notes is Matt Cranitch (fiddle), Donal Murphy (accordion), and Tommy O'Sullivan (vocals, guitar). The trio recorded their first album a few years ago and called it "Sliabh Notes"--those who know Cranitch's recordings "Take a Bow" and "Give It Schtick" will recognize his brand of puns--and, like for Altan and Smokey Chimney before them, the title of the album has become the name of the band. This is a mostly instrumental album, with lovely solo and duet playing by the two leads. Lots of great polkas and slides from Sliabh Luachra, which music is the focus of attention --Gleanntan (found as Glountane in English) is Padraig O'Keeffe's hometown. There are are also some marvelous tunes with other origins: "The Miller's Maggot," one of my favorite jigs, the old Ballinakill classic "Lady Gordon," Josie McDermott's "The Baltimore Salute," and Joe Liddy's brilliant "Palmer's Gate." Cranitch, known for his playing of slow airs, plays a wonderful "Aisling Gheal." Singer Tommy O'Sullivan also does a great job with the two songs, Tony Small's "The Welcome" and Jimmy McCarthy's "The People of West-Cork and Kerry." Several guest musicians, among whom Steve Cooney (guitar, bass, percussion), John Larkin (banjo), and Johnny McCarthy (flute), bring added variety to the instrumental texture. The whole is well produced and presented. Highly recommended.

Rating: ****

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1. Polkas: Annaghbeg Polka / Pete Bradley's Polka / Gleanntan Polka
2. Jigs: The Miller's Maggot / Peggy's Nettles
3. Reels: The Durrow Reel / The Swallow's Nest / Lady Gordon
4. Song: The Welcome
5. Hornpipes: Padraig O'Keeffe's Hornpipe / Micky O'Callaghan's Fancy
6. Slides & Polka: Dan Murphy's Slide / Danny Ab's Slide / Nell O'Sullivan's Slide / The Gullane Polka
7. Air: Aisling Gheal
8. Reels: Palmer's Gate / Glountane School
9. Jigs: Michael Burke's Jig / Padraig's Lark in the Morning / Tom O'Connor's Jig
10. Song: The People of West-Cork and Kerry
11. Reels: The Baltimore Salute / The Silver Spear / Greig's Pipes / The Master's Return
12. Slides: Tidy Anne / The Hot Orange / Minnie and Vinnie
13. Polkas: Many a Wild Night / John Walsh's Polka / Daly's Mill