John Skelton: flute, tinwhistle
Kieran O'Hare: flute, tinwhistle
Dennis Cahill: guitar
Jackie Moran: bodhran

John Skelton, formerly with the House Band, and Kansas-born Kieran O'Hare, better known perhaps as a piper, offer us a delightful foot-stomping, full-bore blast of fun and energetic traditional music on twin flutes and whistles. Minimally produced with very little (but very good) accompaniment, this recording is propelled forward by the intense sound of the two flutes playing in quasi-unison, on a most interesting selection of lesser known tunes. This album should be of particular interest to students of the Irish flute, but it has plenty to offer to the well-versed aficionado as well.

Rating: ****

Price: $16.99
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1. Jigs: Paddy Breen's / Put on Your Clothes / The Honeybee
2. Reels: Joe Bane's / Gone for His Tea / Sarah Hobbs' / The Old Sunny Banks
3. Jigs: Trotting to Larne / The Random Jig
4. Reels: Loch Earn / The West Mabou Reel
5. Santez Anna Radeneg / Two Breton Marches
6. Single Jigs: Lucy Farr's # 1 and # 2
7. Reels: The Navvy on the Line / Scotch Mary / The One-Horned Buck
8. Jigs: The Lisheen Jig / The Old Flail
9. Lament for Eoghan Ruadh
10. Hornpipes: Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine / Cross the Fence
11. Slip Jigs: Is the Big Man Within? / The Piper's Apron
12. Reels: The Corner House / For Sake of Old Decency
13. Jig & Flings: The Cow That Ate the Blanket / The Holloway Road Fling
14. Reels: Peter Flanagan's / The Night of the Fun / Cut the Sod
15. Reels: The Road to Corofin / Martin Rilly's
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