Sharon Shannon: accordion
Frankie Gavin: fiddle
Michael McGoldrick: flute, tinwhistle
Mary Shannon: banjo
Jim Murray: guitars
Tony Molloy: bass
John Joe Kelly: bodhran
James Mackintosh: percussion

Outstanding playing by this "A-team" of Irish music, but with decidedly modern-sounding arrangements. The CD came about after a successful series of concerts by the quartet, and it manages to capture the exciting sound which had the crowds raving. Shannon plays a low-tuned accordion, and many of the arrangements have a beautifully mellow sound which comes from the musicians' exploration of the lower range of their instruments. There are lovely tunes here, some composed by the featured musicians, as well as by Joanie Madden (The Cat's Miaow) and by several Scottish composers, the latter including Donald Shaw's gorgeous "Calum's Road." A couple of American old-time tunes, Spanish dance melodies, and a Jim Murray original which sounds right out of the Breton group Den's set list make for a varied sound. There are some traditional tunes as well, and the closing medley is a fabulous track, with Gavin cranking it up and the four delivering one of the most exciting performances of the "Bucks" on record. I do feel guilty... but I like it.

Rating: ****

Price: $16.99
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1. Reels: Jim Donoghue's / The Cappataggle Shuffle / The Abbey Reel
2. Jigs: Paidin O'Rafferty's Jig / The Rookery
3. The Jewels of the Ocean / Lizzie in the Low Ground
4. The Lochaber Badger / The Road to Corrandulla
5. Billy in the Low Ground / Lost Girl
6. Summer's Coming/ Pasucais of Coana
7. Calum's Road
8. Jigs: Mickey Joe Mike's / The Diddeley-i-Pod
9. The Bass Rock / The Road to Errogie
10. Jigs & Reels: The Cat's Miaow / Tickle Her Leg / Drag Her Around the Road / Seltan d'Uvieu (Reel of Oviedo)
11. Reels: The Clare Reel / An Coilleach
12. Jig & Reel: King of the Pipers / The Bucks of Oranmore
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