Michael Rooney: harp
June McCormack: flute
Fergal Scahill: fiddle, guitar, bodhran
Laura Maher: cello
Padraic O'Reilly: piano
Fionnuala & Aonghus Rooney: harps

This is the second album by the husband-and-wife team of Rooney and McCormack, whose first CD was called "Draiocht"--the latter name now looks like that for the ensemble--and it's even better than the first. The delicate beauty which one might expect from the instrumental combination of harp and flute and which was a dominant character on "Draiocht" is here as well, but this time the two musicians manage to bring out as well the vital energy of dance music, thus achieving a most satisfying balance. The musicians' skills and tastes are without reproach, as are those of the guest musicians. This album also confirms the extraordinary talent of Michael Rooney as a composer--I like to think of him as the new O'Carolan. If the two planxtys penned by Rooney and recorded here echoe the Baroque-tinged music of the legendary blind harper, they also have much originality and lasting appeal. As for the piece "Glor na nAingeal," composed for the couple's wedding, it is simply, dare I say it...  heavenly. Gorgeous music all around.

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Jigs: The Battering Ram / The Legacy Jig
2. Reels: The Old Maids of Galway / The Rookery
3. Planxty: Boithrin Doire
4. Slip Jigs: Land's End / Mairead Gheal
5. Reels: Colonel McBain / The Master's Return
6. Jigs: Paddy Fahy's / Paidin O'Raifeartaigh
7. Piece: Glor na nAingeal
8. Hornpipes: The Galway Hornpipe / The Bee's Wing
9. Reels: Jack Coughlan's / The Mystery Reel
10. Air & March: An Buachaill Caol Dubh / The Deer's March
11. Planxty Fitzgerald
12. Reels: Road to Monlea / McGovern's Favourite 
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