I love Rooney's playing, which indeed sounds a bit like Tommy Peoples' at times, mainly I think because of the syncopations, and which has a very earthy, rough-at-the-edges quality. However, other aspects of the album prevent me from being wildly enthusiastic about it. I think the accompaniments, although very well played by Brian McGrath (piano), are a bit loud; and when Alec Finn's bouzouki is added on to the piano (and mostly drowned by it), it's seems a bit of a waste. I was also somewhat disappointed with Frankie Gavin's contributions on the flute (three tracks), which to my ear sound too often at odds with the fiddle. John Carty's banjo is a better match for Rooney's fiddle. Still this is a recording which, on the sole strength of Rooney's playing, is well worth hearing.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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