Brand new CD by New York musicians Marie Reilly, the newest fiddle player with Cherish the Ladies, and her brother Martin on accordion. The Reillys, who have been gaining recognition through their touring with Mick Moloney in recent years, learned their music as students of the late Maureen Glynn and her husband Johnny Cronin. They both play with great drive, and have recorded an exciting album. The arrangements, featuring at times driving guitars and non-Irish percussion like the dumbek, may not always agree with the purist's ear, but one could hardly find fault in the energy and the skill displayed by the Reillys, individually as well as in duet or playing with some of their guests, among whom Mick Moloney (banjo) and Joanie Madden (flute). A most noteworthy debut.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $16.99                      

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