Paddy & Stephen Rainey: fiddles
Bridie Rainey: vocals

The story surrounding these recordings, made in a Connemara pub back in 1956 and released commercially for the very first time, is as fascinating as the music itself. The Raineys were a family of Galway travelers who spent their summers in the Letterfrack area of Connemara, and their winters in East Galway. They were recorded while in Connemara by professor Tony Knowland, who had befriended them. But the recordings were only heard by few people, and the Raineys were somewhat forgotten, until a recently produced radio documentary resurrected their music. "Raw" would be one way to describe the playing of the two fiddlers, but it doesn't quite tell the whole story. Sure their reels and jigs may not appear to have the sophistication of tone and ornamentation shown by many modern-day players. But there is a raw power to this music, a primal quality, and infectious motion forward which defy explanation and need to be experienced. Well-known fiddle player Dermot McLaughlin, one of several who contributed to the record notes, goes as far as stating that he would make a deal with "that quare looking fella in the long coat" just to get the Rainey rhythm. Bridie Rainey is a wonderful singer, with the style and strength of singers who would be singing outdoors at fairs and races. Hearing her clear, pitch-perfect singing over the pulsating twin fiddles, and with pub conversations in the background, one is truly transported. A must-have for amateurs of the "real thing."  (June 2007)

Rating: ****

Price: $24.99
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1. Reels: The Woman of the House
2. Reels: Over the Moor to Maggie / Star of Munster
3. Jig: The Lark in the Morning
4. Song: Bonnie Irish Boy
5. Reels: The Mason's Apron
6. Reels: The Sally Gardens / The Bird in teh Bush / The Sligo Maid
7. Waltz: The Woodlands of Loughlynn
8. Reels: The Templehouse / The Swallow's Tail / The Sally Gardens
9. Jigs: The Lark on the Strand / The Black Rogue / The Frost is All Over
10. Reels: The Fermoy Lasses
11. Song: The Woodlands of Loughlynn
12. Reels: The Collier's Reel / Rakish Paddy
13. Reels: The Hunter's Purse
14. Waltz: The Valley of Knockanure
15. Song: Katie Daly
16. Reels: The Rainy Day / The Jolly Tinker