Paul O'Shaughnessy: fiddle
Frankie Lane: guitar, mandolin, dobro, bass

Paul is well-known as a former member of Altan, current member of Beginish, and a terrific fiddle player in the Donegal style. This new release testifies to the latter, Paul delivering one terrific highland, Donegal reel or jig after another with insistant bow strokes and crisp triplets. With the able assistance of Frankie Lane, he almost manages to sound like Altan (of the early days) all by himself, on the reel tracks especially. His rendition of the epic piping jig "The Gold Ring" gives serious competition to Frankie Gavin's classic version of it from the first De Danann LP. Fans of energetic Irish fiddle playing and Donegal music should find this tremendously satisfying.

Rating: ****

Price: $21.99
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1. Jigs: Priest in his Boots / Leitrim Jig
2. March: Piper in the Cave
3. Reels: Boy in the Boat / Maire na Sop / Miss Monaghan's
4. Jig: Gold Ring
5. Slow Air: Black is the Colour
6. Hornpipe: New Artane Roundabout
7. Reels: Stay Another While / Chattering Magpie / McCahill's
8. Waltz: Jimmy Bhidi Mhici's
9. Jigs: Bundle and Go / Two Francie Dearg Jigs
10. Highlands: Highland / Lord Moira's Welcome to Scotland / Paddy 'n Atharai
11. Reels: Swallows Tail / Paddy Mills' Fancy / Donegal Traveller
12. Slip Jigs: Silver Slipper / Dusty Miller
13. Highland & Reels: Low Highland / Gweebarra Bridge / Nine Pint Coggie
14. Waltz: Aris le Jimmy Bhidi Mhici