Marcas O'Murchu: flute, tinwhistle, vocals
Maurice Bradley: fiddle
Peter Gallagher: accordion
Eoghan O'Brien: guitar, harp
Seamus O'Kane: bodhran
Brid McNally: piano

One of the best flute albums in recent years (released in 1997)--and also one of the longest, with 21 tracks in all--by this Belfast-born player who is in much demand as a performer and teacher. With lengthy notes on the tunes.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $22.99
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1. Jis: Maho Snaps / Get Up, Old Woman, and Shake Yourself / The Chicken that Made the Soup
2. Reels: The Happy Man / Tyrone Ashplant
3. Song: M'Einin Ceoil
4. Reels: Hill 16 / The Spring Well
5. Polkas: Up and Away / The Merry Girl
6. Song Air: Geaftai Bhaile Bui
7. Slip Jigs: Barney Brannigan / Ride a Mile / The Really Dusty Millar
8. Reels: Patsy Hanley's / The Piper's Broken Finger / The Cocktail
9. Song: An Blath on tSrath Ban (The Flower of Sweet Strabane)
10. Slow Reel: The Coalminers
11. Reels: Kathleen Lawrie's Wedding / Rinn na Feirste Reel / The Donegal Reel
12. Hornpipes: The Buck from teh Mountain / McPartland's Style
13. Planxties: Henry McDermott Roe / Planxty Josie McDermott
14. Jigs: Farewell to Kennedy / The Man in the Bog / Johnny Henry's Jig
15. Song Air: An Chead Mahirt d'Fhomhar
16. Reels: The Four COurts / Paddy Taylor's
17. Polkas: Derry Polka / Fermanagh Polka
18. Song: An Bhanaltra
19. Highland Schottisches: Cluain Ard /All White in Monaghan
20. Reels: The Beauty Spot / Dinnie in the Gaeltacht / Rossinver Reel
21. Reels: The Providence / Paddy Mill's Special Dream / The Maids of Castlebar
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