Maire O'Keeffe: fiddle
Jackie Daly: accordion
Donal O'Connor: fiddle
John Faulkner: fiddle, guitar, bouzouki, vocals

While not nearly as well known as Francis O'Neill, Patrick Weston Joyce, who lived in the Co. Limerick Gaeltacht, was one of the major collectors of Irish traditional music in 19th-century Ireland. His main publication, "Old Irish Folk Music and Songs" (1909), is the source of the delightful music performed on this recording. With Jackie Daly and Maire O'Keeffe playing lead, joined at times by Donal O'Connor, it will hardly come as a surprise that the instrumental portion of the recording is first-class. A great part of its interest is also due to the material chosen, often local variants of tunes found in the rest of Ireland, all with their distinctive twists. Even more impressive perhaps is the singing of John Faulkner, who also provides the accompaniments. On songs like "Captain Thompson" or "Willie Taylor," his rich voice and his phrasing make him sound like he would not have been out of place as a member of Planxty.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $23.99
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2. Reels: The Lass of Ballintra / The Cottage in the Grove / Reel No. 295
3. Song: When I First Came to the County Limerick
4. Hornpipes: The Gypsy / My Fiddle
5. Jigs: Humours of Winnington / Across the Bridge to Connaught / The Lark in the Blue Summer Sky
6. Song: Captain Thompson
7. Reels: Johnny from Gandsey / The Fifer's Reel / The Nine Points of Knavery
8. Air & Hornpipe: Moran's Return / The Road to Kilmallock
9. Reels: The Pining Maid / Erin's Groves
10. Song: Willie Taylor
11. Jigs: Young Jenny the Pride of our Town / The Lark in the Morning / Paddy's Green Island
12. Waltzes: Jem the Miller / The Piper's Wife
13. Hornpipes: Richard's Hornpipe / Corlick's Hornpipe
14. Song: The Spalpeen's Complaint of the Cranbally Farmer
15. Reels: Guiry's Reel / The Castleconnell Lasses / Father Frank of Gorey