Conal O'Grada: flute
Colm Murphy: bodhran

Conal O'Grada's debut album from 1990, "The Top of Coom," has a well-established reputation among lovers of Irish flute music as one of those must-have (or at least must-hear) CDs. With "Cnoc Bui," O'Grada is sure to reaffirm why he is considered one of the best flute players of his generation, and to add another outstanding recording to that exclusive list of standard-setting albums. All the more so because O'Grada chose a courageous path and made a true solo album--with barely a hint of bodhran accompaniment on a few tracks. Not to worry, O'Grada has the skills to pull it off, and then some. His outrageously powerful tone and drive, and his dazzling technical precision are probably what the listener will notice first, but O'Grada always puts them at the service of the music, and the unerring taste behind his personal approach to each tune is what will leave the most lasting impression in the end. Most of the repertoire is traditional, save a couple of recent compositions, and for the most part fairly well-known (my only regret is that there are no liner notes concerning the less common tunes), but O'Grada's playing will make you rediscover each and every one.

Rating: **** 1/2

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1. Polkas: The Church Street Polka / The Happy Polka
2. Reels: The Fisherman's Lilt / The Caucus Reel
3. Jigs: Muing Fhliuch Jig / Greensleeves
4. Air: Lament for the Death of Staker Wallace
5. Reels: Green Mountain/ The Rookery
6. Polkas: Maurice O'Keeffe's / John Walshe's / Pulling Bracken
7. Jig: Lesbia Hath a Beaming Eye
8. Reels: The Old Copperplate / The Old Bush
9. Air: Cuan Bheil Inse
10. Polkas: Mickey Duggan's 1 & 2 / Down the  Quay
11. Reels: Cus Teahan's / Jim Donoghue's / Edenderry Reel
12. Jigs: Humours of Donnybrook / Rambling Pitchfork / Jackie Coleman's
13. Reels: Muing Fhliuch Reels
14. Marches: The Gold & Silver Marches
15. Reels: The Graf Spey / Come West Along the Road
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