Pat O'Connor: fiddle, viola, vocals
Mary MacNamara: concertina
Leon Agnew: flute
Brendan Hearty: guitar
Eoin O'Neill: bouzouki

Fans of fiddle music from the eastern part of Co. Clare may have run across Pat O'Connor's first solo CD " The Green Mountain," featuring the musician's unhurried, somewhat rough-around-the edges, yet lovely in its simplicity and genuineness, brand of fiddle playing. This second album is very much in the same vein, consisting mostly of solo tracks, a couple of lovely duets with famed concertina player Mary MacNamara and flute player Leon Agnew, with only a few tracks being accompanied on guitar (Brendan Hearty) or bouzouki (Eoin O'Neill). O'Connor may not be the most technically accomplished player, but this is exactly the kind of recording to demonstrate that technical prowess has rather little to do with good traditional music. To hear this man's playing of the Breton air "Maro ma Maestrez" (My Love is dead) is to experience the lonesome touch.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $19.99                    
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1. Humours of Derrybeha (birdsong)
2. Reel: Sally Gardens
3. Reels: Sporting Molly / The Old Bush
4. Reels: Custom House / Morning Dew
5. Jigs: Old Walls of Liscarroll / The Boy in the Wood
6. March & Schottische
7. Reels: Piper's Despair / Sporting Nell
8. Air: Maro ma Maestrez
9. Reels: John Naughton's / Laccaroe / Bill Malley's
10. Reels: McDonagh's / Aggie Whyte's
11. Hornpipes: Stack of Barley / Fairy Hornpipe / Hills of Coore
12. Reels: Green Groves of Erin / Mountain Top
13. Jigs: Burcher's Jig / Bride's Favourite
14. Reels: Michael "Rooney" Moroney's
15. Air: The Mountain Streams
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