Tony O'Connell: concertina
Andy Morrow: fiddle
Arty McGlynn: guitar

There have been quite a few notable concertina and fiddle duet recordings in the past--that of Noel Hill and Tony Linnane will come to mind for most--and this new recording by O'Connell & Morrow fits easily near the top of the list. Tony O'Connell, from Co. Kerry, is an agile concertina player who gracefully balances virtuosity and economy, and Leitrim fiddle player Andy Morrow, whose brother Tom plays fiddle in the well-known group Dervish, has a lovely touch as well, blending with ease crisp bowing and an infectious swing. The two musicians are a great match, and their choice of material is exemplary--it's one of those CDs I listen to thinking all along "oh yes, I want to learn that one... and that one too!" O'Connell's playing of the hornpipe "The Drunken Sailor" is but one of the special moments on this recording. Last but certainly not least, the great Arty McGlynn enhances the music with his inspired and subtle accompaniments. A wonderful album. 

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Jigs: The Rambles of Mike / The Laughing Spoons / The Bluebells are Blooming
2. Reels: Joe Tom's
3. Jigs: My Former Wife / Paddy in London / Headwood Crossing
4. Reels: Tom McElvogue's no. 3 / The Heights of Muingbhartha / The Boy in the Boat
5. Hornpipe: The Drunken Sailor
6. Slides: Kiely Cotter's / Paddy Jerry's
7. Reels: Castle Kelly / Devils of Dublin / Hare's Paw
8. Air: Sliabh Gallion Braes
9. Reels: The Mill House / The Thrush in the Storm
10. Slip Jigs: Ride a Mile / Dusty Miller / Sport of Chase
11. Strathspey & Reels: Dean Brig of Edinburgh / The Christening / The Wind that Shakes the Barley
12. Jigs: Stormy Night / The Maid at the Well / Gallagher's
13. Reels: Fred Finn's / Larry's Favourite