Mick O'Brien: uilleann pipes, tinwhistle
Caoimhin O' Raghallaigh: fiddle, tinwhistle

As I have written here before, I do not give the 5-star rating lightly. Very few CDs on my site have gotten it. But I had to add this album of pipes, fiddle and whistle playing to that very select group, for it's one of the most beautiful recordings of Irish traditional music you are likely to hear. Piper Mick O'Brien probably needs no introduction, his excellent 1996 solo CD "May Morning Dew" remains a favorite. Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh, a bit more of a well-kept secret, is a talented player with a subtle and soulful touch, qualities which are further amplified here through the interaction with O'Brien's masterful playing, and through the strikingly beautiful combination of fiddle and pipes pitched in B or Bb, with only the accompaniment of drones and regulators. O'Raghallaigh's reedy fiddle sounds like another set of pipes at times. Many of the tunes they explore together are well-known, but they always have their own way with them, just a few different notes here and there that will send chills down your spine. And always there's that gorgeous sound, it will haunt you.

Rating: *****

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2. Reels: Teampall an Ghleanntain / Hickey's
3. Jigs: Mickey Callaghan's Slide / Winnie Hayes' Jig
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6. Reels: An Manglam / The Fairy Reel / I Have no Money
7. Slides: Rathawaun / The Hare in the Corn
8. Jigs: The Sporting Pitchfork / The Rambling Pitchfork
9. Reels: The Lady on the Island / Seanbhean na gCartai
10. Jigs: Young Tom Ennis / The Rose in the Heather
11. Hornpipe & Reel: An Londubh
12. Reels: The Copper Plate / Paddy Gone to France / The Wind that Shakes the Barley
13. Reels: Dillon Brown / Sarah Hobbs
14. Jigs: Na Ceannabhain Bhana / Mairseail Alasdruim / Munster Buttermilk
15. Reels: The Silver Spear / Mullins' Fancy
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