Diarmuid O'Brien: fiddle
Derek Hickey, Donal Murphy, Dan Brouder, Mick Mulcahy, Donie Nolan, Pa Foley, Gerald Culhane, Domhnall De Barra, Willie Larkin: accordions
Jerry McNamara: guitar, bouzouki
Brian McGrath: piano

A young fiddle player from the parish of Glin, in West Limerick, Diarmuid O'Brien is a distant cousin of the great Brendan Mulvihill and acknowledges the influence of Mulvihill's playing on his own. Like Mulvihill, O'Brien has a fairly straightforward approach to the music, characterized by precision and clarity in the melodic line, moderation in the use of ornamentation, and a rock-solid groove. Unlike Mulvihill, whose melodic extrapolations are the stuff of legend, O'Brien chooses to stay closer to the basic tune and introduce only the most subtle of variations. This by no means diminishes the performances, as O'Brien's formidable drive and lift grab the listener and refuse to let go. While O'Brien's solo playing is remarkable in its own right, another important feature of this album is that he chose to record a significant number of tracks in duet with nine different accordion players. All are great talents, and the performances are all equally terrific. Because West Limerick is so close to Kerry, the repertoire includes some lovely polkas and slides which are more commonly associated with the latter county. O'Brien also chose to record a number of compositions by Brendan Mulvihill's father Martin, and the resulting performances cannot but make those lovely tunes much better known. Throughout, the accompaniments are a perfect complement for the lead playing. A terrific debut album. (August 2007)

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Jigs: The Humours of Glin / Come Along With Me / Lord Kitchener's Pipes
2. Reels: John Egan's / The Bog Carrot Reel / The Broken Windscreen
3. Jigs: Padraig O'Keeffe's / The Bugle Horn
4. Polkas: Cock Your Pistol Charlie / Martin Mulvihill's / Gordie Taylor's
5. Reels: The Game of Love / Mick Moloney's Rambles / Taim Gan Airgid
6. Slides: The Knocknaboul Slide / Dan O'Keeffe's / Echoes of Killarney
7. Reels: Ceol na gCeartan / Quinn's / The Pope's Toe
8. Polkas: As I Went Out Upon the Ice / The Prowling Fox / The Ballydesmond
9. Hornpipes: Off to California / The Navigator
10. Slow Air: Sean o'Duibhir a' Ghleanna
11. Reels: Paddy Sean Nancy's / Kafoozalum / Take Your Choice
12. Jigs: P.J. Cormier's / Dance Your Heart Away / Carrigfergus
13. Reels: The High Road to Glin / The Low Road to Glin / The Tarbert Ferry
14. Polkas: The Upperchurch Polkas / Terry Teahan's