Denis Murphy: fiddle
Julia Clifford: fiddle

Classic recording of this brother-and-sister duet, whose names are synonymous with the Kerry-Cork Sliabh Luachra tradition. Many of the tunes played here, in particular the polkas and slides, are typical of the local repertoire and have become well known through this and other recordings featuring Murphy, Clifford, and their famous teacher Padraig O'Keeffe.

Rating: ****

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1. Jigs: Rathawaun / The Hare in the Corn
2. Hornpipes: O'Mahony's / The Stack of Barley
3. Reels: The Morning Star / Rolling on the Ryegrass
4. Polkas: Farewell to Whiskey / The Dark Girl
5. Jigs: Tom Billy's
6. Slides: Dan O'Keeffe's
7. Air: O'Rahilly's Grave
8. Reels: Seanbhean na gCartaí / Tom Billy's
9. Polkas: The Ballydesmond Polkas
10. Air: The Blackbird
11. Reels: The Lady on the Island / Callaghan's
12. Jigs: The Munster Jig / Munster Buttermilk
13. Polkas: Knocknaboul Polkas
14. Reels: Johnny When You Die / Anything for John-Joe
15. Air: An Raibh tú ag an gCarraig
16. Jigs: Padraic O'Keeffe's / The Scartaglen Jig
17. Hornpipe: The Fisherman's
18. Reels: The Galtee Rangers / The Glentaun Reel
19. Air: Caoine Uí Dhónaill
20. Slides: The Star above the Garter / The Lisheen Slide
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