Neil Mulligan: uilleann pipes
Tom Mulligan: fiddle

Another excellent solo recording by the Dublin piper whose music, through his father fiddle player Tom Mulligan, is rooted in the Leitrim tradition. This is Neil Mulligan's third album, after "Barr na Cuille" and "The Leitrim Thrush," and like on those, the piping, on instruments pitched at C# and D, is unaccompanied. Mulligan tackles some of the great piping tunes, "The Gold Ring," "The Blackbird," "Colonel Frazer," the latter being preceded by a lovely rendition of the famous James Ennis reel "The Morning Thrush." Slow airs, including "A Stor Mo Chroi" and "Taimse im' Chodladh," are given a fair share as well. The last two tracks are home-made recordings of Mulligan playing with his late father Tom, and what they lack in sound quality is easily made up by how privileged one feels to be given a front-row seat to such an intimate moment.

Rating: ****

Price: $19.99
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1. Jigs: An Fainne Oir / Airgead Realach
2. Air: Caitriona Rua
3. Hornpipes: The Blackbird / Miss Galvin
4. Reels: The Stoney Steps / The Dooneen Reel
5. Air: A Stor Mo Chroi
6. Jig: Bimis ag Ol 's ag Pogadh na mBan
7. Reels: The Morning Thrush / Colonel Frazer
8. Hornpipes: Is Fada mo Chosa gan Broga / Castles in the Air
9. Jigs: East of Glendart / I Buried my Wife and Danced on Top of Her
10. Hornpipes: The Peacock's Feather / Boys of Bluehill
11. Air: Donal Og
12. Jigs: An Tobar Gle / Oileann na Meannain
13. Reels: The Fairy Reel / The Pigeon on the Gate / The Merry Blacksmith
14. Air: Taimse im' Chodladh
15. Reels: The Fermoy Lasses / The London Lasses / The Rose in the Garden
16. Reels: Chase her Through the Garden / Kiss her in the Furze