Sean Moloney: flutes, tinwhistle, fiddle, bodhran
Irene Moloney: fiddle, bodhran
Triona Moloney: fiddle
Kieran Moloney, Stephen Moloney: flutes
Kevin Moloney: concertina
Greg Cotter: guitar
Pat Eade: bouzouki

Sean Moloney is the grandson of Stephen Moloney who played flute with the original Ballinakill Ceili Band back in the 1920s. Sean's father Eddie and his uncle Ambrose were highly regarded flute players in the East Galway tradition as well. Not surprisingly, Sean inherited not only a taste for playing the "potstick," as his father would call the timber flute jokingly, but also a lot of music. He recorded some of it a few years back on an album entitled "Bridging the Gap," which he made with another uncle, Kevin, who played the fiddle, and is now deceased. Obviously, Sean Moloney has a lot of music in him he wants to record: he produced not one, but two new CDs this year, the other being called "Music on the Wind," and both CDs have over twenty tracks each. On this album, Sean plays mostly the simple system flute, the "potstick," while switching to Boehm system flutes, whistle, and even fiddle for variety. Although it was recorded in a studio, the album has an informal feel throughout, sometimes even a bit of an under-produced quality, which makes it sound like it might have been made in someone's kitchen. But this is hardly a criticism. That water is straight from the well, and it's mighty tasty, although not in a conventional way. (10/2004)

Rating: ****

Price: $22.99
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1. Reels: The Ash Plant / The Mountain Lark / The Sailor on the Rock
2. Jigs: Banish Misfortune / Tommy Whelan's
3. Flings: An Buachaill Dreoite / Lor Moira
4. Reels: Paddy Fahey's
5. Reels: The Tinker's Daughter / Devanney's Goat
6. Airs: Sliabh na mBan / Se Fath mo Bhuartha
7. Hornpipes: The Homes of Kinattycasey / Pound Hill
8. Jigs: The Banks of Newfoundland / Nora Criona / Mick's Delight
9. Reels: Sergeant Early's Dream / Leddy from Cavan
10. Reels: Martin Mulhaire's / Tommy Peoples'
11. Reels: In Memory of Coleman / The Tuam Reel
12. Hornpipes: The Banks / The Pleasures of Home
13. Reels: A Trip in the Meadows / Mrs. Carolan's
14. Reel: The Train Journey
15. Air: An Chuilin
16. Reels: Master McDermott's / The Kylebrack Rambler / The Controversial
17. Jigs: Down in Abbey / Mol Kelly's Auld Sow
18. Reels: Old Road to Garry / Eddie Moloney's / Darby's Farewell to London
19. Reels: The Mills are Grinding / The Milliner's Daughter
20. Reels: The Boy on the Hilltop / Johnny Going to Ceili
21. Reels: The Graf Spey / The High Road to Galway
22. Jigs: The Black Lough / The Coming of Spring
23. Reels: Farewell to Ireland / The Flying Column / Sheehan's
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