Sean Moloney: flutes, tinwhistle, fiddle
Irene Moloney: fiddle, mandolin, bodhran
Triona Moloney: fiddle
Kieran Moloney, Stephen Moloney: flutes
Kevin Moloney: concertina
Seamie O'Dowd, Greg Cotter: guitars
Pat Eade: bouzouki
Mary Long: harp
Noel Hynes: spoons

Sean Moloney is the grandson of Stephen Moloney who played flute with the original Ballinakill Ceili Band back in the 1920s. Sean's father Eddie and his uncle Ambrose were highly regarded flute players in the East Galway tradition as well. Not surprisingly, Sean inherited not only a taste for playing the "potstick," as his father would call the timber flute jokingly, but also a lot of music. He recorded some of it a few years back on an album entitled "Bridging the Gap," which he made with another uncle, Kevin, who played the fiddle, and is now deceased. Obviously, Sean Moloney has a lot of music in him he wants to record: he produced not one, but two new CDs this year, the other being called "Potsticks," and both CDs have over twenty tracks each. While Sean plays mostly the simple system flute, the "potstick," on the latter, here he concentrates more on Boehm system flutes, instruments which were favored by his father Eddie and other East Galway players because they lend themselves to playing in flat keys. Although it was recorded in a studio, the album has an informal feel throughout, sometimes even a bit of an under-produced quality (accompaniments are sometimes rather basic), which makes it sound like it might have been made in someone's kitchen. But this is hardly a criticism. That water is straight from the well, and it's mighty tasty, although not in a conventional way. (10/2004)

Rating: ****

Price: $22.99
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1. Reels: Brendan McGlinchey's / Johnny's Wedding
2. Reels: The Burren / Paddy Taylor's / The Beauty Spot
3. Air & Reels: Ros a Mhil Cois Cuain / Dark Haired Lass / Silver Tree
4. Polkas: The Mountain Pathway / The Nights of Gladness
5. Reels: The Glen of Aherlow / The Morning Mist
6. Jigs: Paddy Fahey's No. 4 / Bobby Casey's
7. Hornpipes: The Merry Gardiner / An Comhra Donn
8. Reels: Paddy Fahey's Reels No. 25 and No. 1
9. Reels: Eddie's Tap Room / Gorman's /The Newly Mown Meadows
10. Air, Carolan, Barndance: Shearer's Dream / O'Carolan's Dream / Mrs. Kenny's
11. Reels: Bonnie Kate / Jenny's CHickens
12. Jigs: Missing the Wren / The Light of the Fire
13. Hornpipes: The Sunshine / The Cuckoo
14. Reels: Colonel Rodney / The Contradiction
15. Jigs: The King of the Pipers / A Ballinakill Jig
16. Reels: A Trip in the Meadows / Mrs. Carolan's
17. Reels: The Connaught Heifer / The Wise Maid
18. Reels: Tommy Coen's / The Drill of Mangles
19. Jigs: The Chapel Bell / Arras Mountain
20. Slides: Knocknagree / The Shoemaker / Music on the Wind
21. Air: O'Carolan's Farewell to Music
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