Bernard O'Sullivan: concertina
Tommy McMahon: concertina

Bernard O'Sullivan and Tommy McMahon are two prominent concertina players from Cre-Cooraclare, considered "concertina country" in the 1970s when the original recording session took place. Their repertoire was so vast that the producers compiled two different LPs of the two men playing together. Like on other CDs in this series, the bulk of the tracks (16) is from the original 1976 LP release, but there are 13 additional tracks chosen from original session recordings which had not been used. A thick booklet provides extensive background information and tune notes.

Rating: ****

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1. Polkas: I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue / The Rakes of Mallow
2. Reels: Farmer Moroney's / Mulvihill's Reel
3. Reels: Maud Millar's / Morrison's Reel
4. Reel: The Bucks of Oranmore
5. Waltzes: My Heart's in the Highlands  / The Dewdrop
6. Jigs: The Blooming Meadows / Mullagh Jig / Ballinakill Jig
7. Reels: The Merry Sisters / Quilty Reel
8. Hornpipes: The Cliff / The Derry Hornpipe
9. Jigs: The Rose in the Heather Selection
10. Reels: Flowery Mountains / Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel / The Milin
11. Reel: A Trip to Durrow
12. Polka: Stack Ryan's Polka
13. Set Dance: The Garden of Daisies
14. Jigs: Andy Keone's  / Saddle the Pony / Tulla Jig
15. Set Dance: The Three Sea Captains
16. Reels: The Boys of Ballisodare / The Five Mile Chase
17. Reel: Molly Put the Kettle On
18. Reels: Maud Millar's / Molloy's Reel
19. Jig: Wandering Minstrel
20. Reels: Boys of Ballinahinch / Dick Gossip's Reel
21. Jig: Blooming Meadows
22. Jig: Carraroe Jig
23. Reels: Jackie Coleman's / O'Brien's Reel
24. Jigs: Battering Ram / Out On the Ocean
25. Waltzes: Over the Waves
26. Waltzes: My Heart's in the Highlands  / The Dewdrop
27. Polkas: I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue / The Rakes of Mallow
28. Hornpipes: Sean Ryan's Hornpipe / Danganella Hornpipe
29. Reels: Swinging on a Gate / Tommy McMahon's Reel
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