Vincent McGrath: accordion
Micheal O'Seighin: piano
Jim McArdle: guitar
Eimear O'Kane: double bass

Lovely album of accordion music by this Mayo musician, a nephew of the famous John McGrath (d. 1955) who became such an influential Irish music teacher in New York. What is unusual about it is that this is also made entirely, all 28 tracks of it, of McGrath's own compositions, many of them truly outstanding tunes.

Rating: *** 1/2

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1. Jigs: Maureen's Fancy / Tommy Leddy's Jig
  2. Hornpipes: Memories of Camp / Paddy Noonan's Hornpipe
  3. Reels: Seán McDonnell's Reel / Clement Sweeney's Reel
  4. Flings: The Party Fling / Anthony Dick
  5. Reels: Mary Alick's Reel / The Drogheda Reel
  6. Jigs: The Maids of Palmyra / The Wind from the Hill
  7. Reels: The Road to Glenbrohane / Off to the Logha
  8. Jigs: The Céilí Jig / The Swinging Jig
  9. Reel: Ó Cheartlá Mo Chroí ("From the Core of My Heart")
10. Reels: Paddy Reynolds' Reel / A Flash of Coleman
11. Hornpipes: Morrison's Fiddle / The old Refrain
12. Single Jigs: Home to the Fold / Hands Around
13. Reels: Above Fál Mór (Faulmore) / Martin Connolly's Reel
14. Jigs: Rosculligan House / Hughie Carolan's Jig
15. Reels: Brian Conway's / The Lost Reel
16. Barndances: Joe Cunningham's Barndance / Duffy's Hall
17. Reels: The Céide Reel / Christy's Favorite
18. Polkas: The Long Polka / Katie's Polka
19. Reel: Patsy Moloney's Reel
20. Hornpipe: Cockles and Clams
21. Reels: Trot Along Home / Maggie in London
22. Slip Jigs: Brogan's Land / Don't Go Away
23. Jigs: The Lift in the Kitchen / For John McGrath
24. Reels: The Reel of Rinn na Rón / The Quivering Bow
25. Hornpipes: The Longford Gentleman / The Lapping Wave
26. Reels: P.J. Hernon's Reel / Castelcoo Hill
27. Jigs: The March Hare / Spring in the Air
28. Reel: A Night in DerryCorrib