Ben Lennon: fiddle
Brian Lennon, flute
Charlie Lennon: fiddle, piano
Maurice Lennon: fiddle, viola
John Carty: tenor banjo, fiddle
Seamus Quinn: fiddle, piano
Gabriel McArdle: concertina, vocals
Ciaran Curran: bouzouki
Garry O'Briain: guitar, mandocello, piano

The crew from "Dog Big and Dog Little" is back, with some help from other family members and friends, for another lovely album of pure-drop traditional music.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $22.99
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1. Polkas: Memories of Ballymote / Gurkin Cross
2. Reels: The Enchanted Lady / The Holy Land
3. The Donegal Mazurkas
4. Reel: The Blackberry Blossom / McFadden's
5. Song: Flora
6. Hornpipes: Maguire's Fiddle / O'Donnell's
7. Reels: Rattigan's / The Collier's
8. Reels: Mick McNamara's / Touch M if You Dare
9. Polkas: Return of Spring / The Mountain Pathway
10. Reels: Johnny Henry's / Ryan's Rant
11. Jig: Cathleen Hehir's
12. Song: Banks of the Clyde
13. Hornpipe: McDermott's
14. Jigs: The Lonesome Jig / Tenpenny Bit
15. Bardance: Batt Henry's
16. Reels: Boys of Ballisodare / The Five Mile Chase
17. Polka: Primrose Polka
18. Reels: Farrell O'Gara / Lucy Campbell's
19. Reel: Flax in Bloom