Paul Kelly: mandolin, bouzouki, fiddle
Emer Mayock: flute
John Whelan: guitars
Trevor Hutchinson: double bass
Trevor Knight: keyboards
Robert Harris, Brian Fleming: percussion

A lovely album featuring the mandolin, played quite delicately by Paul Kelly who also plays bouzouki and fiddle, with appropriately understated accompaniments of guitar, bass (Trevor Hutchinson), and percussions, and an appearance by Emer Mayock on flute. The material ranges from traditional music to newly composed tunes in the traditional idiom, to Scandinavian tunes and even a Debussy piece. Very enjoyable even if not all pure drop.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $21.99
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1. The Golden Peg jigs
2. The Bottine set
3. Varmland Waltz/The Butcher's March
4. The Dresden set
5. Flatbush Waltz/Great Denmark St
6. The Minor Reels
7. Ombyggn'an
8. La fille aux cheveux de lin
9. The Emigrants sheds/ Einar's Mazurka
10. The Orange peel reels
11. The Dear Irish boy
12. Des Carty's jigs