Josephine Keegan: fiddle
Kathleen Gavin: piano
Niall O'Callanain: bouzouki

Judging from the standing ovations she received while performing during Irish Arts Week in the Catskills this past summer, I was not the only one to think that Josephine Keegan, at 70 years of age one of the grand dames of Irish music, is on fire! Not only is she drawing applause for her live performances, but she is working harder recording CDs and publishing tune collections than many musicians half her age. Just before coming to the US, she released two new CDs. This one (see also "The Nightingale") features Keegan playing fiddle on a highly entertaining mix of her own compositions and a few other traditional and recently composed tunes, including ones by Paddy O'Brien, Martin Mulhaire, and Charlie Lennon, the whole with expert accompaniment on piano or bouzouki. Only a minor complaint, some of the tracks could have benefited from a more natural sound, i.e., a little less reverb. 

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $21.99                      
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1. Jigs: The Fairy Bridges / O'Driscoll's Travels / Waiting for Paula
2. Reels: Farewell to Eyrecourt / The Basket of Pebbles
3. Shetland Air, Hornpipe & Reel: The Resting Chair / The Poppy Leaf / Patrick's Night
4. Barndances: THe Dance of the Honey Bees / An Droighead Beag
5. Reels: Patsy WIlson / Star of Ireland
6. Air & Hornpipe: Lament for Bert Murray / The Butterfly
7. Reels: St. Anne's / Dillon Brown
8. Jigs: Adrian's Gate / The Threepoint Turn / The Biloba Blossom
9. Hornpipes: The Chicago Fiddler (John Daly) / Planxty Nicholas Carolan
10. Jigs: O'Hanlon's Bridge / The Copper Kettle
11. Reel: High Jinks
12. Single Jig & Set Dance: The Spider's Web / The Three Sea Captains
13. Waltz of the White Lily