Liz Kane: fiddle
Yvonne Kane: fiddle
Daithi Sproule: guitar
Mick Conneely: bouzouki
Patsy Broderick: piano
Nathan Pilatzke: dancing

While Liz and Yvonne Kane's third album won't necessarily appear at first to be breaking new ground--but who would want to complain about their delightful and ever so tasteful twin fiddle playing--there are a few notable differences with past releases which will be noticed by their fans. Perhaps the most obvious is the accompaniment, featuring three different instruments, all played most competently by well-known performers, thus giving to the album overall a more varied sound, as well as the step-dancing of Nathan Pilatzke. Pilatzke's name may not be as familiar to most, but his dancing, rooted in the style of step-dancing traditional to the Ottawa Valley, Canada, is something to behold. Those of us lucky enough to catch the Kanes on tour this past summer will not have forgotten Pilatzke's extraordinary display of boundless energy, and while it would be difficult to equal with just the sound of his shoes on the CD the memorable experience of seeing Pilatzke's arms and legs flying, his contribution to the "Thomond Bridge" track may make the listener want to search for his name on YouTube. Another, admittedly more subtle, departure for the Kanes here is the repertoire, which includes only a couple of Paddy Fahey tunes this time, and instead features quite a few compositions from both Paddy O'Briens (Tipperary and Offaly), Eileen O'Brien, Ed Reavy, and Liz Kane herself, showing another side of her talent, as well as traditional tunes reworked in the sisters' favorite tonalities. Over the years, Liz and Yvonne have developed an astonishing ability to play airs in perfect unison, and the haunting sound this creates can be heard here on "O'Rahilly's Grave" as well as the medley featuring the lovely melody "The Pretty Girl Milking her Cow." Once again, Liz and Yvonne Kane have produced a collection of the highest standard. 

Rating: **** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Reels: The Starry Lane to Monaghan / Star of Ireland / Sean sa Ceo
2. Jigs: Three Deer and a Hare / Pangur Ban
3. Reels: Farewell to Eyrecourt / The Stone in the Field / Paddy Fahey's Reel
4. Hornpipes: Thomond Bridge / The Boys of Youghalarra
5. Jigs: The Galway Jig / The Lark in Charlie's Meadow / Eddie Moloney's
6. Reels: Papa's Pet / A Rainy Day / Eileen O'Brien's
7. Slow Air: O'Rahilly's Grave
8. Jigs: Tatter Jack Walsh / Paddy Fahey's Jig
9. Reels: Policeman's Request / Julia Delaney's / The 13 Arches
10. Jigs: Paddy Fahey's Jig / Manorhamilton the 8th of May / The Wednesday Visit
11. Airs: Tipperary so Far Away / The Pretty Girl Milking her Cow
12. Reels: Side by Side / The Smiling Lady / The Ceilier