Kevin Joyce: piano-accordion, piano
Mark Mohan: banjo
John McEvoy: fiddle

The music on this CD was recorded specifically for dancers. Tracks of reels, slip jigs, hornpipes, treble and light jigs are played at regulation tempos (indicated for each track), and there are even tracks timed for beginner dancers. Unexpectedly perhaps for this kind of recording, the music is quite good, and the choice of tunes, which include compositions by Paddy O'Brien, Josephine Keegan, Ed Reavy, Michael Rooney, and others, reveals the eclectic tastes of the musicians--in other words, it's not yet another recording of "Foxhunter's Jig" or "Sally Gardens"... 

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Reels: Paddy O'Brien's / The Flagstone of Memory / The Trip to Cullentown
2. Slip Jigs: Gortnamona / Dever the Dancer / Na Ceannabhain Bhana
3. Reels: The Pewter Jug / The Highest Hill in Sligo / Martin Wynne's
4. Slip Jigs: The Irish Girl / Tipperary Hills
5. Treble Jigs: Brannigan's / Munster Bacon
6. Treble Jigs: Come Along With Me / Jackie's in Boston
7. Hornpipes: Byrne's / Woodcock Hill
8. Hornpipes: The Humours of Galway / The Sailor's Hornpipe
9. Beginner Reels: Johnny O'Leary's / Willie Hunter's / Mill Street Polka
10. Light Jigs: The Happy One-Step / The Cable Stitch / The Roaring Barmaid
11. Beginner Slip Jigs: Moll Roe / Dublin Streets
12. Single Jigs: Rain a Sup / Going to the Well for Water / The Brosna Slide
13. Beginner Treble Jigs: The First Night in America / When Sick is it Tea You Want
14. Beginner Hornpipes: Prendiville's / The Hay and the Shamrock
15. Reels: Dinny Ryan's / Josie McDermott's / Miss McCloud's
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