Michael Hynes: flute
Denis Liddy: fiddle
Rob Sharer: guitar

Yet another impressive flute and fiddle duet recording from Co. Clare--although arguably not quite as stellar as the recent Crotty-Cullinan CD. Michael Hynes and Denis Liddy play very well together, even if, I'm told, Hynes' flute playing here seems a bit subdued, and they have selected lovely medleys of tunes old and new, some of them composed by the two musicians themselves. Like PJ Crotty and James Cullinan, they chose to record the great 4-part reel "Miss McDonald," and the two performances are remarkably similar in sound and spirit. Hynes and Liddy's long experience with and love of playing for dancers is demonstrated on the last track, a live recording made in Lahinch, on which they perform the third figure of the Caledonian Set.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $19.99
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1. Reels: Waifs and Strays - Four Hand Reel / Billy Brocker's / The League
2. Jigs: Corkscrew Hill / The Humours of Smithstown
3. Reels: Memories of Micho - Ned McCormack's / The Fair-Haired Boy / Carty's
4. Hornpipes: Bellharbour / The Gypsy Lullaby
5. Reels: Shanghai Seanchai / Farewell to Philip Lane
6. Air: The Cradle Song
7. Castle Reels - Big Pat's / Humours of Toomagh / McFadden's Handsome Daughter
8. Ballycar Jigs - Killimor / Roscommon / The Stolen Purse
9. Reels: Roscommon Elephant - The Boys of the Lough / The Longford Tinker / Buckley's Fancy
10. Polkas: Omos to the Fiddle Master Padraig O'Keefe - Johnny Leary's / O'Callaghan's
11. Reels: Tinker's Daughter / Anderson's / John Carty's
12. Waltzes: Nicholson's / Bright Visions
13. Single Jigs: The Ivory Bowl / Willy Beg's
14. Reels: Lucy Campbell / Miss McDonald's
15. Reels: Caledonian Set - Boys of Ballinahinch / London Lassies / Roarin' Mary