Peter Horan: flute
Gerry Harrington: fiddle

A year after their first album together, South Sligo flute player Peter Horan and Kerry fiddle player Gerry Harrington are back with another installment of mostly Sligo music, this time without any accompaniment. Now 80 years old, the remarkable Horan may well sound even better this time around. One only has to listen to the third track, a great medley of reels played solo by Horan with uncommon gusto, to wonder if there’s something different about the water around Gurtin… His later rendition of “The High Level Hornpipe” sounds less assured, and consistency is a bit of an issue throughout, but the high points are truly astonishing.

Rating: ****

Price: $27.99
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1. Reels: The Killavil Buck's / Fred Finn's  
2. Jigs: The Idle Road / Molloy's Favourite 
3. Reels: The Flowers of Red Hill / The New Steamboat 
4. Reels: The Liffey Banks / The Shaskeen / The Bag of Spuds 
5. Jigs: Dick Sullivan's Favourite / The Spotted Cow 
6. Hornpipe: The High Level 
7. Reels: The Swallow / The High Reel 
8. Air: Her Mantle so Green 
9. Reels: Sean Ryan's / The Blackthorn Stick / The Green Groves 
10. Jig: The Old Grey Goose 
11. Polkas: Johnny Gorman's / The Primrose 
12. Reels: Doctor Gilbert's / The Queen of May 
13. Waltz: The Killavil Waltz 
14. Hornpipes: Murphy's / The Derry 
15. Air: The Coolin 
16. Reel: Miss Monaghan's / The Duke of Leinster / The London Lasses