P.J. Hernon: accordion
Micheal O'hEidhin: piano

A very straightforward album by the famous Connemara and Sligo accordion player P.J. Hernon. There are 24 tracks in all, arranged to provide the music for five popular sets, the Connemara, the South Galway, the Aran, the Mazurka, and the Plain. Given Hernon’s long experience with playing for dancers, this is almost like an expose on how it should be done, but one that is quite enjoyable to listen to as well. Nice tunes, great lift, eminently danceable.

Rating: *** 1/2

Price: $22.99
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The Connemara Set
1. Reels: Miss McLeod's / The Swallow's Tail
2. Reels: The Heather Breeze / Joe Mhaire / Hand Me Down the Tacklings
3. Reels: The Colliers / My Love is in America
4. Polka: The Maggie (melodeon style)

The South Galway Set
5. Reel: First House in Connaught
6. Reel: Sailor on the Rock
7. Reel: Tear the Calico
8. Jig: Castletown Connors
9. Reel: The Bucks of Oranmore

The Aran Set:
10. Reels: The Silver Spear / Miss McLeod's
11. Reels: Joe Derrane's / Maid of Mount Cisco / Come West Along the Road
12. Polka: Maggie in the Wood

The Mazurka Set
13. Reels: The Bird in the Bush / George White's
14. Reels: The Teetotaller / St. Anne's
15. Reels: St. Patrick's Night / Iniscealtra
16. Reels: Josephine Keegan's / Brosnan's Reel
17. Reels: Lady Ann Montgomery / Maude Miller
18. Reels: The Foxhunter / Drowsy Maggie / Captain Rock

The Plain Set
19. Reels: The Plough and the Stars / The Swallow's Tail
20. Reels: Tim Moloney's / Christmas Eve
21. Reels: The Green Gates / The Green Groves / The Galway Rambler
22. Reels: The Sally Gardens / The Sligo Maid / Molloy's / The Boys of Ballisodare
23. Jigs: Ships in Full Sail / The Blackthorn Stick
24. Reels: The Jolly Tinker / Cregg's Pipes
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