Oisin Hernon: accordion, tinwhistle
Conal Hernon: banjo
Orna Hernon: bodhran
Marion Hernon: vocals
Michael Craven: melodeon
Carl Hession: piano
Mick Conneely: bouzouki
Eugene Killen: synthesizer

Brothers Oisin (accordion, whistle) and Conal (banjo) Hernon, respectively 16 and 13 years of age, are two prodigies from the Aran Islands who have six All-Ireland titles (the family has seventeen altogether) and many more medals to their credit. Their mother Marion, who sings on track 6, is also a past All-Ireland winner as a box player as well as a singer, and their grandfather Michael Craven who plays on a cuple of solo tracks, is a fine melodeon player. Together as well as individually, the brothers play with great confidence and musical sense, tackling equally well standards of the session repertoire and more obscure and difficult tunes composed by the likes of Richard Dwyer, Paddy O’Brien, and themselves. This is really impressive playing by two musicians whom we are likely to hear from again.

Rating: ****

Price: $27.99
Our Catalogue 
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1. Reels: Richard Dwyer's / The Flax in Bloom 
2. Jigs: Mick Quinn's / The Stormy Night 
3. Hornpipe & Reel: The Kildare Fancy / Trim the Velvet 
4. Reels: Lucy Campbell's / Sheila Coyle's / McFadden's Favourite 
5. Jigs: The Luck-Penny / Dinny O'Brien's 
6. Song: Sean-Phádraic 
7. Hornpipes: The Plains of Boyle / The Friendly Visit 
8. Reels: O'Dowds No. 9 / The Collier's Reel 
9. Slow Air: An Goirtín Eornan 
10. Jigs: The Queen of the Fair / The Rambling Pitchfork 
11. Reels: The Drunken Tinker / The Donegal Traveller  
12. Jigs: The Renmore Jig / Philomena's Fancy  
13. Hornpipes: The North Shore / Paddy Fahy's  
14. Slow Air: Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte 
15. Reels: The Moving Cloud / The Mason's Apron  
16. Bonus Tune: The Way I Are