Joe Heaney: vocals

This is a fantastic 2-CD set of songs and stories by the great Connemara sean-nos master, compiled from previously unissued recordings made by Ewan McColl and Peggy Seeger. The CDs and a 59-page thick booklet containing all the song lyrics and stories transcribed are packaged in a case similar to the ones Topic used recently for their superb 20-volume "Voice of the People" collection. Between this and the Elizabeth Cronin book and CDs, amateurs of Irish traditional singing have plenty to enjoy.

Rating: ****

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CD 1
1. My Bonny Boy is Young
2. The West of lreland
3. Skibbereen
4. Bean Phaidin - Paidin's Wife
5. Amhran na hEascaiine
The Song of the Eel (Lord Randal)
6. As I Roved Out
7. Story & Song: An Droighnean Donn (The Brown Blackthorn)
8. Caroline and her Young Sailor Bold
9. Fishing in Connemara
10. Amhran an Bha - Song of the Drowning (Currachai na Tra Baine)
11. Singing in Connemara
12. The Jug of Punch
13. The Ferocious O'Flahertys
14. The Widow from Mayo
15. The Harp without the Crown
16. Suantrai (lullaby) Scoithin Seo
17. Advice to Young Singers
18. The Valley of Knockanure
19. The Valley of Knockanure
20. Whiskey O Roudeldum-Row
21. Barbary Ellen

CD 2
1. The Two Greyhounds (The Bogs of Shanabeever)
2. The Old Woman of Wexford
3. The Banks of Claudy
4. Eamonn an Chnoic (Ned of the Hill)
5. My Boy Willie
6. Patsy McCann
7. Story & Song: Una Bhan - Fair Una
8. Cailleach an Airgid (The Hag with the Money)
9. The Lonely Woods of Upton
10. O'Brien from Tipperary
11. Erin Gra mo Chroi (Ireland, Love of my Heart)
12. Story & Song: Cunnla
13. The Tennis Right (Captain Coulston)
14. Story & Song: Eanach Cuain (Annaghdown)
15. Beidh Aonach Amarach i gContae an Chlair - Greasai Brog
(There is a fair tomorrow in the County Clare - The Shoemaker)
16. The Glen of Aberlow
17. Slan agus Beannacht le Buaireamh an tSaoil - Farewell to the Worries of Life (One Morning in June)
18. The Old Man Rocking the Cradle